Cable Market Leaders Choose CSG Output

Cable companies are at the forefront of digital transformation and CSG Output innovations are part of those efforts. Whether it’s statement redesigns for a consistent and impactful experience across channels, or SmartVideo to explain the first bill and minimize contact center calls and subscriber churn, CSG Output offers solutions to maximize the value of each customer communication.


Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services and 30+ years of deep industry-expertise can help you:

  • Reduce bill confusion and customer dissatisfaction with smart document design/redesign
  • Increase Net Promoter Scores and improve overall satisfaction by providing a seamless and consistent view of the customer
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy with a single composition source across all channels
  • Provider a better customer experience integrating in personalization via other data sources
  • Optimize revenue with targeted marketing messages and ad inserts
  • Maintain legal compliance with archival services
  • Lower operational expenses by increasing print suppression and autopay, and taking advantages of postal discounts

Our document solutions simplify and streamline production of transactional documents to positively impact your customer relationships and bottom-line.

  • 60+ satisfied customer from leading MSOs like Comcast, Charter, Cox, Suddenlink
  • 60M+ monthly statements
  • 99.99% quality performance
  • More than 70% US cable print market share


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We reach more than half of all U.S. households each month.